Wine And Beer Controversy

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Would you like wine or beer with that? Such a simple question, how could it possibly relate to one’s political views? When thinking about what types of people drink wine, these characteristics come to mind: highly-educated, family-oriented, women. When I think about craft beer drinkers I think of a hardworking upper-class man. Whether you drink wine or beer doesn’t affect who you vote for directly, but indirectly it certainly does. We live in a country where men and whites tend to back the Republican, while women and ethnic minorities flock to the Democrat 's candidate (Kirk). From these facts, wine drinkers are more likely to vote for democrats and the beer drinkers are more likely to vote for republicans. While wine and beer may seem like …show more content…
A voter’s gender is a large factor in which party they will side with the most. In this year’s election gender has become a huge part of voting, considering we had our first woman candidate for president. Before the announcement of the POTUS, A Gallup tracking poll showed that Trump has a 70% disapproval rating amongst women (Milligan). The result of this poll is due to the fact that Trump has made some very controversial statements against women. Trump has called women “fat pigs”, slobs, and disgusting (Milligan). This example is just one of the many reasons why women do not support Trump. But this is not the only election as to where women do not support the republican candidate. Over the past decade women have supported the Democratic party because of their involvement in women’s reproductive rights, wage gap, and education. Although, having a woman candidate who is also the democratic representative boosts the women vote for this party. The projected votes for this election are that women will favor Clinton over Trump, 49% to 30% (Fingerhut). Clinton is favored among the women because Americans are more like to vote for someone who is like them, and women feel

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