Argumentative Essay On Wikileaks

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As a boy, Julian Assange’s passion for computers developed and turned him into a professional computer programmer. For twelve years, Julian dedicated his time and energy into mastering code. Later on, his skills advanced and gained the ability to access pretty much any virtual sources of information in not so legal ways. As a child, Assange had accessed a massed amount of hidden information, which he thought the public has the right to know their existence. He called it “the transparency of information” making it his life mission to disclose the untold. Through out his mission, he started a bizarre website known as WikiLeaks with the dream to provide transparency of information through the web and media. This organization has a website that …show more content…
In most cases, people have to see in order to believe that’s why WikiLeaks is dedicated in disclosing evidence, for example: military helicopter shooting at civilian journalists killing thirty-six people with bullets designed to penetrate tanks. It happened “in April 2010, for example, Wikileaks posted a video on its website that shows a US Apache helicopter killing at least 12 people, including two Reuters journalists – during an attack in Baghdad in 2007.”(Fildes 2) That’s just a tiny drop of the information from the cyber network ocean. “In October the site released almost 400,000 secret US military logs detailing its operations in Iraq.”(Fildes 2) Even though this is extremely dangerous in terms of the soldier’s safety, disclosure is a must in order to prevent charlatans in power from abusing power. Understand the real world we line in and how prolific of corruption is our government, people’s courage for revolution increases dramatically.
It is often argued that WikiLeaks in itself is a threat. Intuitively publishing most of the received information without deep reviewing is dangerous and puts people lives at stake. In its early years, the website would publish unedited files. “It has lately
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However, posting sensitive information on media causes a lot of damage to the ones having their information revealed. To have access to secret information is beneficial to humanity and it would not stop anytime soon. It is important for us to trust and continue having WikiLeaks so that people can know the actual truth of whats happening behind the scenes. Even though the site has been targeted in a series of cyber attacks following to bankruptcy due to many firms like Amazon and PayPal have withdraw the ability that allows people to donate to the site including continuous setbacks, ”WikiLeaks has largely remained defiantly online”(Fildes 4). To this day, WikiLeaks operates at an extraordinary pace. Statistics show that this platform has published more information and documents that all the media combines. Many people call them saviors and heroes for putting their life’s at danger for this cause. However there will always be that opposing force, preventing disclosure at all costs. When will the hidden side of our world be reveal? Is there even an end to this game of

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