Essay On Torture

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Torture is inflicting pain on someone to get them to say or do something.Torture is one of the crimes that humans have committed for many centuries. Many rulers used torture to gain insight into their enemies movements and plans and used torture to gain insight on their subjects actions. Today torture is frowned upon, and no one wants to admit that it is happening. Those who admit the relevance of torture today want it to end, they know that it can leave mental and physical scars. Torture is damaging for the tortured and the torturer. Torture is one of the heavyweight topics of George Orwell’s book 1984. In the book, the main character is tortured into believing any lie he is told. Then and now torture is a problem that must be stopped. Although …show more content…
In Nepal, Tibetan nuns have been tortured to death. In Turkey, Kurdish women are tortured. In China, women followers of Falun Gong are tortured. In the United States, women are trafficked here and held in sexual torture chambers in nearly every one of America's big cities”(Brownworth).
This is something that is a lot more common than it should be. Another reason people are tortured is due to their religion, race, or ethnicity, “Roma communities were singled out in Kosovo, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. Kurds bore the brunt of Turkish torture.”(Torture: the facts). This judgment of people because of who they are and punishing them for what they can not control is wrong and must come to an end. Torture used across the world, by different people and communities must come to its end. Although torture helps gain insight that can protect citizens and countries, torture can leave psychological damage and lead people to give false witness that is potentially hazardous. Torture is harmful and should be avoided if at all possible. These permanent effects, scars, and wounds are not worth the little bit of false information gained. For these reasons it is strongly shown that torture must

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