Republican Arguments Against The Affordable Care Act

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The Affordable Care Act took almost a year to pass through Congress. It sparked heated debate and resistance from Republicans. Republican leaders argued the bill infringed upon
American liberties while Democrats said the bill improved social justice and the lives of the citizenry, especially the 45 million uninsured. People who once could not find an insurance provider because they suffered from a previously diagnosed illness or people who were dropped by a provider due to an illness, now had the opportunity to be covered by insurance at an affordable rate. Republicans feared that the act would be costly to the
United States as it was always ready facing a deficit. Also, they argued the bill imposed upon the civil liberties of Americans by forcing them to have insurance or see a doctor that
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President Obama 's greatest asset in passing the Affordable Care Act was the Democrat controlled Congress. According to Neustadt, the President 's and Congress ' "formal powers are so intertwined that neither will accomplish very much, for very long, without the acquiescence of the other" (32). Democrats in Congress carried the bill which could have never passed without the party’s strong support. Republican opposition was

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