Argumentative Essay On Snacks

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During that time of the day, when the dusk sets in, when our bodies are almost enervated, we need rejuvenation. A cup of beverage might work well for the mind but the stomach demands more. Snacks, which may range from the simplest of a chocolate bar to a large packet of crisps satiate the demands of the stomach and also lingers well with our taste buds. Although Snacks time is trivial in comparison with breakfast, lunch or dinner, they are a hit amongst every age group. After-all, what better a delighting presence than that of a bowl full of snacks for a human being who returns home exhausted? As the break-time bell rings, children await their chance to open the ‘mini-treasure’ boxes (Exaggeration intended) and instead
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One could argue with me that the habit of consuming snacks throughout the day instead of one particular time period during the 24 hours in a day results out of improper consumption of other three meals. Excessive snacking has adverse effects linked with it and the most dreadful among them is obesity. In my opinion, snacking doesn’t fit into a particular time slot in a day and we can have it whenever we desire but I also oppose the habit of consuming snacks as an alternative to …show more content…
Obesity, as previously stated is only one among the long list of health problems that arise out of improper snacking practices. Food that consists of high levels of calories from sugar or fat with little fiber, protein, vitamins or minerals are termed as ‘Junk Food’ and increased consumption of junk food among children in particular has led to increased risk in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, weight gain and many further chronic health problems. Obesity among children is contributed massively due to increased consumption of junk food and not integrating healthy food items into the balanced

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