Argumentative Essay On School Uniforms

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All across the world many private and public schools implement the use of uniforms. Some psychologist who say that the use of uniforms is a good tradition and a necessary tool, in order to maintain discipline and order of students in the educational institution, others say that it is a violation of the individuality of each kid and that the use is an that its utilization is an outdated habit (Wilde, 2016). There are many different opinions and points of view that support or counter argue this. In my opinion, the use of them is a way of protecting a homogeneous atmosphere of pride and loyalty among the student population.
The questions that came into my mind when writing this paper were: What comes first, the children 's safety and discipline?
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Wearing uniforms avoids distractions, such as looking at some outfits, because some of them are considered strange or overly revealing. For example, a teenager who goes to school with green hair and clothes that are too colourful, or a girl who uses very provocative clothing. Additionally, some students have turned school into a fashion show, which distracts them from learning, because some kids spend more time focused on their clothes than on homework and class work (A3). For example, both girls and boys choose to stop doing homework, because they are worried about what to wear the next day. Instead of that, they prefer to spend one hour trying five different outfits for the following morning. This isn’t just caused by uniforms but by the way society is trying to make us feel about how we should look and what we should like. …show more content…
There are many opinions about the use of this type of clothing. However, the arguments that support the implementation of it are a reduction of peer pressure, a great feeling of school pride, more focus on learning that socializing, it tends to helps in discipline problems, creates a more work-like environment, has a lower expense, and makes students part of a team. Some people say that the use of uniform is an outdated tradition and that it violates the students’ freedom. Nevertheless, I have had the chance to go to schools that used uniforms and schools that didn’t use uniforms. I believe that when you are little, it is in everybody best interest to dress all the same. It is easier for your parents in the mornings and easier for you. Could you imagine all pre-K, 1st and 2nd graders dressing themselves in the morning?. On the other hand, I believe that when clothes, no matter what society says, do describe who you are and how you are feeling. I believe that everyone should be allowed to dress how they want, but I do agree that the use of uniforms can help a school be a more serious place and can help students get through their high school years with less pressure of impressing their other class mates. I don’t

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