Should Students Wear Uniforms Research Paper

“I challenge all our schools to teach character, education, to teach good values and good citizenship. And if it means that teenagers will stop killing each other over designer jackets, our public schools should require to wear school uniforms.” Quoted (David L. Hudson). Uniforms express a professional outlook of the student, which makes stress levels and peer pressure manageable to obtain during school years. This topic interests me because the reasons of attending school is to gain knowledge, learn, and improve intelligence. Students shouldn’t attend school to make a fashion show. Should students wear uniforms to manage equality, even if it destroys originality and individuality?
If students wore uniforms to manage equality, abolishing originality and individuality makes the school secure. Modifying the dress code policy can have an outcome of students dropping out of school never receiving their education. The main audience of this issue are students, because school policies can support students logically and meaningfully. The viewpoints on this issue can go in many directions for disadvantages
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The costs of school uniforms are inexpensive and affordable for families with financial despairs. This source provides detail on why families who cannot afford uniforms might change their minds with the situation of adapting to the policies of dress codes. Quoted from the website article “Family Action says that that uniforms are popular with parents because they “like the overall presentation and smartness” and because they hide “income differentials” as all children are dressed the same.” Using this particular source is accurate to the research question, because financial differences is a common disadvantage toward the support of introducing uniforms into school

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