School Uniforms In America

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According to the article School uniforms, In the years of 2009 to 2010, approximately 19 percent of public schools, in America require uniforms and 57 percent have strict dress code (school uniform).The statistics shows how school districts are concerned with trying to find a solution to reduce distractions in the class room by controlling what a student should wear instead of focusing on providing students with an education. Administrators disrupt the learning environment when they see student wear clothing that they do not approve of. Many administers abuse their powers by sending students home if there are exposing their shoulders. Administers are allowed to take actions if the students are causing harm or a disruption in the classroom. …show more content…
In the mid-19th century, school uniforms become associated with private school then was school uniform were exposed to public school in the 1980’s.Uniforms became into existed to show value of a school’s discipline and its standards. For an example a school can excel in academic areas but if they do not have their students dress the part, then the school was not consider a good option. Judging a school by their establishment to have or not shows how we value perception over education. In America, some people believe school uniform will help reduce distraction improve grades and behavior. According to Gentile and Scott, who are students from the University of Huston, 166 schools out of 292 adopted uniforms after their case study was conducted. (Gentile and Imberman pg12). School uniforms were established to minimize classroom disruption but it is interfering with students’ rights.
First, I will explain the first amendment and the rights students have in school. I will include the court case Tinker V Des Moines to show how school boards are abusing their power by limiting student’s freedom of expression. Next, I will provide supporters personal views as evidence for my argument. Lastly, I will include the benefits of not having uniform by providing how it affects our values as Americans such as the important of individuality. I will also discuss how school uniforms are
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Students in their adolescent suffer the most from school uniforms because they are struggling with identify v role confusion , which is the conflict of knowing or nor knowing who you are and what you believe. According to Natalie Boyd, who is a teacher and holds an MA in English Education and is in progress on her PhD in psychology, states “they expect [students] to dress and behave a certain way ;they pressure [them] to do certain things and be certain things” (Boyd) meaning the school board wants to control everything they can. The best option to allow the school district and student to get what they want is to remove school uniform from high school. High school students will identify who they are more quickly without uniforms than those students who wear uniform. According to Charles Haynes, who is a senior scholar of the First Amendment Center, which works to preserve First Amendment freedoms argues that “creating an environment that is open to diversity can create conflict, but such controversy is essential to free societies” (Haynes), meaning students need to experiences how other expresses themselves and learn how to deal with others ‘expression. America is praised for our diversity, but we are teaching the future generation how to conform to the community rather than teaching them the importance of individuality which is distinguishing oneself

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