Essay On Decriminalization Of Prostitution

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The term prostitution has had many meanings according to the context of the community culture and its influence, especially from the people and the environment. However, this practice has been an agenda for debate in most scenarios such as academic work, institutional programs, government and authority and the society as a whole. From mere definitions and understandings, prostitution is a human practice that involves sexual violence touching directly on women and girls with monetary orientation. This practice is basically institutionalized in the sex industry. (----) notes that prostitution is is featured in live sex course, strip shows, naked juice pups, adult books and videos store, peeping through shows, sex charms, street walks, and pornography films and movies. All of these
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Most people who are against the prostitution term it as detrimental, human life disrespect and barbaric practice. They argue that legalizing or rather decriminalization of prostitution is a clear way of trafficking and trading in human sex. This however derives a lot of meaning to the sexual practice. For example, in the Netherlands, legalization involves induction of all aspects of the sex industry; that is the women and the pimps. These parties under the system of legalization are converted into third party business organizations and lawful sexual entrepreneurship. These detrimental practices also convert other places of prostitution activities into rightful venues where commercial sexual activities grow legally with few limitations. In the view of women fighting for their dignity in the sexual industry, it is completely wrong for them to hold stand that they find respect and dignity in sexuality. People often cannot realize that legalizing prostitution is a true way of decriminalizing not only women, but also the whole sex industry (--------). Human dignity in the creation of the creator does not deserve such

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