Argumentative Essay On Police Violence

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For the past few months instances of police brutality and police shootings have risen to new highs. Because of this rise is police violence the public has taken to filming these instances and getting the videos out into the internet and spreading them around social media. In reaction to two such videos the public reacted negatively due to the fact that two videos of such police shooting/killings came out back to back. One video was of a young black man already on the ground with two officers holding him down. One officer already had his gun out and the other was in the process of getting his. In the middle of the officers yelling at the man gun shots could be heard and the officer who shot proceeded to roll off of the young man’s body. Another …show more content…
Their whole thing is to serve and protect the people. To uphold the law which we live by and to prevent more needless crime from happening. Without any law enforcement there is chaos and mayhem. As you said, “where there 's no law, chaos reigns.” There is another thing I also have to disagree with in your article. Again, even though you stated so sarcastically, “treating them (police) as though they are guilty until proven innocent would be wrong,” and yeah it is wrong. That’s just not how our justice system works. In those instances are police shootings that are caught on tape or have mountains of evidence that all point to them being guilty of brutality, assault, murder, etc., they were proven. Even if the verdict came out of them being innocent because of some corruption within the system, all the evidence shows their guilt. We can’t just have everyone going in guilty until proven otherwise. That’s unjust and unfair. In conclusion, though I do agree with you on many things regarding police brutality and the like I just cannot get being demonizing all police force and your ideology of guilty until proven innocent just because someone is a cop. The sarcastic tone of the article also rubbed me the wrong way after reading it for a while as

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