Pet Animals Research Paper

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John Grogan once quoted, “It is amazing how much love and laughter they(pets) bring into our lives and even how much close we become with each other because of them.” Certain people believe that pet animals play a significant role in a person’s life including the enhancement of his well-being. They provide joy, companionship, and laughter especially to pet owners. Although there may be anecdotal reports claiming that pets have concrete and measurable benefits to man, these are still not enough to actualize the claim, and to answer the question how humans really have welfare from pet animals. The research article provided facts on the affiliation of animals’ physiological, social, physical, psychological, emotional, and therapeutic effects on …show more content…
They are more pertinent to smile, talk, be attentive and alert, reach out to other people and objects, and be able to experience a greater sense of well-being, less melancholy and depression if animals are present in the amenity. Social effects of having pet animals contribute to almost all the age groups. With adult people walking their dogs in their neighborhood, dogs are a major focus of conversations among passers-by. A companion animal readily elicits friendly responses, even from unfamiliar passers-by. Reports from children say that their pet animals provides comfort and is a source of love for them, their resort when they feel upset, and it is also associated with the improvements of their confidence and self-esteem. Pets can also benefit child’s development socially. Through interaction, there’s a lot of progress a child can get. It plays a role in their social, physical, emotional, and most importantly in cognitive development. That is why pets are not only for entertainment but also to aid in the formation of the development of a child. Like what we said earlier, Physical development can also be acquired even when a dog and a child are walking, running, playing fetch, and throwing a ball together in the park or in the backyard. This in return strengthens the bone of the child, and is a form of exercise for both organisms while they mutually have fun. Social development is a great execution for the child to be in good terms with others. Because of pets, the word “companionship” can be embedded in the mind of a child. There are some programs has the assertion that reading out loud to dogs can enhance reading skills of children though no interventions or feedback are given, still the presence of a friendly animal aids a child in feeling more comfortable and relaxed when reading aloud. Compared to

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