Pros And Cons Of Nuking North Korea

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Nuking North Korea
A young man is at his house watching T.V. when an emergency broadcast comes to informing him that North Korea has launched nuclear warheads that are to land in several big cities. That is what many people imagine when they hear “North Korea” and “Nuclear Strike”. When North Korea first launched its missile in February the rest of the world went on red alert, many people now believe they are a serious threat to the United States, because of how quickly they are advancing their military technology, the U.N should continue to tighten sanctions as time goes on, rather than strike them first because the Kim Jong-Un does not at this point actually have the power to back his threats. In this past year North Korea has launched
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Or would it better if the United States. North Korea is greatly expanding their range with their nuclear weapons. This is posing as a threat to the many countries, including the United States. The United States have two options as of this moment, they can wait for North Korea to make a first move, or completely eliminate them and their threat to the rest of the world. A writer from the American Magazine by the name of Kevin Clarke claims that we have to take consideration in for our allies before we do a preventive strike. South KOREA would be at great risk as the neighbor of North Korea. If North Korea and its nuclear missiles survived an attack from the United States, invading South KOREA would most likely be their first choice to get back at the US. South KOREA is at risk because we . Clarke also wrote that, “it would be morally unjust to nuke North Korea just because they are expanding their reach with their nuclear weapons”. A first strike would be uncalled for. The regime has only threatened the United States, a strike on them from the United States would destroy all of their land and would be devastating to our partnership with China. A first strike would most likely result in a war between North Korea and the United States with help from South KOREA. Clarke argues that if the United States were to go to war with North Korea, a war on their …show more content…
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