Essay On Should America Go To War With North Korea

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Should America go to war with North Korea? This topic is very debatable. Some people may think that we shouldn’t because of how dangerous it may be to go to war with a country that has nuclear bombs. Another argument for war against North Korea is that we are America, we are one of the strongest military in the world. We have guns, missiles, and soldiers. If we think about this, should we really go to war with North Korea?
We should first think economically about war against North Korea. North Korea is ran by slavery. A lot of workers in North Korea are forced to work 20 hours a day with little to no food at all. Other than slavery, North Korea makes its money under the Black Market. The Black Market is illegal trafficking. North Korea sells and grows Heroin, and Methamphetamines which go to China. North Korea also use a lot of counterfeit money. This fake money goes up to 15 to 25 million dollars a year.
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North Korea has a war budget of only $10 billion which is almost 16% of their GDP. However, America has a war budget $664 billion dollars which is only 2.4 percent of America’s GDP. North Korea’s population is only about 25 million and only 10 million of that population is fit for war. That is 21 percent of the whole country that would fight. That is nothing to America has 360 million as a population, and 120 million that is fit for service. That is more than ten times that amount. Tanks is another big deal in bloodshed. North Korea has only 6,600 tanks while America has 8,300 tanks. If it comes to air power than North Korea would be killed very easily. North Korea has 940 aircrafts and America has 13,700 aircrafts. However marine power is on North Korea’s side. Nuclear Warfare is what most people fear from North Korea, but that we shouldn’t. North Korea has only 4-8 Nuclear Warheads, America has 5,100. If we actually went to war then North Korea has no chance against United

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