Argumentative Essay On Mothers In Prison

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It is known that a child who has a mother incarcerated can leave detrimental effects on them. Most prisons do not allow the time a mother needs with their child to make a strong and intimate bond. Women’s prisons make telephone calls extremely expensive so even if a mother wanted to contact her children she may not be able to afford to do so. These children feel lost without their mothers and sometimes it’s far too late for a mother to come back into their lives after years in prison. Kids left behind sets them up for failure in the long-run due to them not having a mother to teach them right from wrong. These innocent children should not be the ones being punished for their mother’s mistake. Having a strong family connection is extremely important and should not be lost during the mother’s sentence. Children of incarcerated women should be given access to services such as allowing to see their mothers at any given time, and mothers being allowed to raise their infants in prison for up to a …show more content…
Every women that was interviewed tried in some way to keep a connection to their children whether the child wanted to be apart of their lives or not. It is commonly known that mothers are typically the ones to care for a child rather than the father. So when the mother gets locked up the child only has so many options for a living situation. It was shown that a majority of children went to go live with a grandparent but in some cases it was shown that it was five times more likely for a child to be placed in foster care if the mother was incarcerated rather than the father. This may result in mothers wondering what kind of care/the quality of care their child is receiving because it is just uncertain. With this on the back of their mind everyday can absolutely bring a great deal of

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