Drinking Age Debate

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Define Issue:
A. State Issue: The current legal drinking age in the United States is 21 and not allowed at the age of 18.
B. What kind of Issue: This is a major issue as underage drinking has become more popular among teenagers and the younger generations.
C. Boundaries: Restrictions have been set and laws are in place that make the legal age of alcohol consumption to be 21 years of age. With this law, people still abuse it on all levels.
D. Side A: Many people believe that lowering the legal drinking age would encourage young people to drink and increase their chances of being involved in alcohol related accidents. Lowering the drinking age would only encourage teens to consume more alcohol on a daily basis.
E. Side B: While people disagree,
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A. It displays the kind of trust that the law has for teenagers when they are allowed to do everything but consume alcohol.
B. It discourages underage drinking, while the environments they are surrounded by are encouraging the opposite.
C. They may feel as if they cannot be trusted, leading them to have a “I don’t care attitude,” leading them directly to it.
III. Argument 1: The first reason to lower the legal drinking age is to help promote a better environment to those who are drinking.
A. By changing this law, it could help teenagers see that they should be more aware about what they are doing.
B. It would encourage young adults and maybe even their parents to drink in more responsible areas, such as their homes and not at a friend’s house, a college campus or in a hotel room.
IV. Opposing View 1: Some believe that it would be absolutely ridiculous to lower the age limit. With that, they also believe that the fear of being caught by someone, would lower their ability to get alcohol, to drink it at a party or in large amounts at periods of time, especially when around others who are encouraging it.
A. They are also the types of people who believe teenagers are able to attend
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C. Counter Argument: Again, lowering the legal age for a person to consume alcohol has its risks, but at the same time it could improve the way teenagers approach situations. Because, maybe now that they have the right to legally drink, they won’t think it’s as cool. And if they do, they will do it in a responsible setting.
VIII: Conclusion:
A. All in all, law enforcers should lower the drinking age because the effects of binge drinking and dangerous events would not occur as often.
B. Despite everyone’s major efforts to help prevent underage consumption of alcohol, it will continue to happen.
1. The hope is that if the legal age can be lowered, is that young adults would take in to account that being able to have an alcoholic beverage is a privilege, not a right.
2. The hope is that young adults would take into consideration the danger that they could be putting themselves or someone else in when driving under the influence. 3. The hope is that young adults will learn what it means to be a responsible adult, because alcohol is no joke.
C. While lowering the legal age for alcohol consumption is a scary thought, it also could do everything that I have tried to explain in this

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