Analysis Of Dali: Love At First Sight

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Although it is a controversial belief, love at first sight can be defined as falling in love with “someone” for the first time after just seeing him or her. Falling in love has been described as an ability, a concept, and/or feeling of love when with or without your significant other or crush. Now, the big word, Love, is a controversial meaning through cultures, novels, and even people. There have been varied definitions all aligned with an overwhelming feeling. The exact phrase “love at first sight” means immediate feeling of strong said love, lust, or attraction to a single person, place, or thing upon seeing them, this idiom originated from Western Literature. Yet, as a lover-less and outside life-less woman I have not experienced …show more content…
This new medium of documenting stories through a camera lens is and has become the forefront in logically defining the love at first sight conundrum. Notable documentaries on the science behind love at first sight include, Dali: Love at First Sight, Love at First Sight: America 's Affair with the Rose, Love at First Sight: A Micro-Documentary. Dali: Love at First Sight is actually a tour documentary of the city, holding the same name, in China to invite travellers that they will feel an overwhelming lust to want to be in that city. Although it is a different technique, it broadens the definition again to not only a person, but to a place. Love at First Sight: America’s Affair with the Rose is about the mass-market of roses and why they are so popular. It was recently released and thousands of horticulture industry leaders cannot stop recommending the twenty-six minute documentary on the planting of roses. This documentary is another reflection of the definition and the importance of how love at first sight is a new feeling towards not only a person, or a place, but also now a product. Love at First Sight: A Micro-Documentary is the only documentary listed that actually tells the story of two people who met out of the blue and fell in love. The one-minute and twenty-nine second documentary is on a …show more content…
Shakespeare defined love at first sight as star-crossed lovers. Zeke and Selina characterized love at first sight as watching their life flash before their eyes, but with their new counterpart in it. There have been many definitions, some old myths and legends while others actual non-fiction stories. I believe in the origin of this phrase was Western Literature and most writers and story-tellers recall an instance where something happens to them or a friend and write about it. I believe this overwhelming feeling of “love” empowered new heights in the myths, sonnets, and live videos. Love at first sign means to see for the first time, a person, place, and/or thing that entangles the on-looker into an overwhelmingly large feeling of lust, love or

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