Argumentative Essay On Long Term Care

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Age. One of life’s aspects that no one has ever been able to reverse. As time moves forward, so does age. People do as much as they can to not look nor act their age but one day it happens. They realize that they are no longer twenty-five but eighty-five. They begin to depend more on their family and healthcare providers to keep them moving. Unfortunately, regardless of how much faith one may have in the healthcare system nothing is perfect. As an elder one may decide to enter a senior citizen long term care housing or may even be fortunate enough to hire a home healthcare nurse with the hopes that these healthcare providers will do as their title states and provide healthcare, exquisite healthcare. One unfortunate day comes when either themselves …show more content…
Within a brief four days she was scheduled for a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. For over eight hours she was in and out of the operating room because of major blood loss, receiving a total of three blood transfusions. She fought a fight many would not conquer. Soon after completing surgery she was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) of the hospital for a week. The first day in the ICU, she was constantly under high dosages of medication. Within the next two days she was able to talk between long amounts of resting. Within those days her family received some of the most bone chilling phone calls known to man. As this woman’s daughter, I have never heard her cry like this. To hear my mother sorrow in misery while exhausting the point that her nurses were not giving her the medication that was prescribed to her by the doctors, and that instead of cleaning her wounds, was left with simple water being thrown on them before the nurse would leave the room, sadden my soul. Hearing the fear in her voice as the doctors and/or nurses walk into the room sent shivers down my spine. Unfortunately, like most family members there was nothing I could do for her since she lived six hours away from me. The pain and guilt of my heart eventually pressured me to drive to New Orleans, during a school week, to check on my mother. To see that it wasn’t just the medication speaking, left me feeling as if each individual string of my heart was being ripped to shreds. I then did what I could to get her out of the hospital and into the home. After the finishing of that week, I was able to assist my mother in getting a home healthcare nurse. Unfortunately, that was not enough either. For weeks my mother dealt with infection after infection. The nurses went to check up on her when they wanted to rather than when it was ordered by the doctor. Eventually I went home permanently to care for my mother.

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