Argumentative Essay On Friends And Family

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Imagine waking up one day and your life is heading in a path you regret taking. Who do you turn to in need of assistance? As individuals mature, they realize friends and family are both beneficial to approach for help. Friends and family may both get into arguments and lose connection with each other for a short period of time, but arguments are not worth losing people who have been there through everything. Although friends are more likely to argue with one another, friends are there to support unconditionally-just like family. When children are young, they tend to spend a majority of their time with family rather than friends. Family has an immense impact on people 's lives since they are around each other for extended periods of time. This …show more content…
Being around friends too often can cause drama and even backstabbing. Although children never listen to their parents, parents warn their children about spending too much time with friends and are correct the majority of the time. I realized I was spending too much time with my friends when we began to argue constantly. Although I should not have stayed friends with some people, I continued to push away the harsh feelings I had for them but it continued to get worse. I didn’t like listening to my parents because I believed they were wrong, but I came to a conclusion that I spent too much time with my friends, so I decided to spend less time with them. Losing friends at this age might cause depression, but family will always be there for …show more content…
Individuals still have to make time for family so they are able to maintain strong connections with not only their friends, but their family as well. Friends often realize arguments are pointless because they are eventually going to get over the fact that they are mad at one another. People also realize the little things in life and how lucky they are to have such a tremendous life and great friends. I recognized my friends were always going to be there for me just like my family is when I looked passed all of the pointless arguments we got into. When I needed someone to go to, my family was there, but so were my friends.
Friends are family. Even though it takes an extended amount of time to figure out which friends are honest and respectful, it is worth the time and effort to realize which acquaintances will be there for assistance of their lives. Although friends are more likely to argue with one another, friends are there to support unconditionally-just like family. Making an effort in people’s lives is an important factor when choosing true friends because it shows who really appreciates their friends and who will be there through

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