Argumentative Essay On Ex-Woman

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The public has long been fascinated with people who have spent their lives passing as what is believed to be not an authentic self. The infamous former Spoanoke NAACP president, Rachel Dolezal, was thrown into the spotlight after it was discovered she was a white woman passing as a black woman. Lance Bass, former N’Sync boy band heart throb, spent years in the closet passing as a straight man to not to jeopardize the marketability of the band to young women. For transgender individuals, the notion of passing is much more complicated. The term passing is “loaded, tainted with the implication that trans women aren't really women, and trans men aren't really men, but are merely trying to pass off as such and engaging in deception” (Godfried, 2015). …show more content…
She has remarried a man named Ed, but has remained close with her ex-husband through the years. When confronted by her daughter’s about their father’s transition she is not surprised at all. She claims to have known for years, which is supported by flashbacks later on within the series.

It’s much more difficult for Maura to come out to her son Josh, a selfish and neurotic music producer who is always focused on the next big thing. As a child, Josh was in a traumatizing sexual relationship with his adult babysitter, Rita. Their complicated relationship continues throughout his adult life, forcing Josh to look for love in all the wrong places. Maura is eventually outed to Josh by his sisters over brunch. Josh takes the news the hardest and grieves over his father’s transition almost like a death. (Soloway, 2014)

Analysis Morris (2002), defines the fourth persona as an “implied auditor of a particular ideological bent, presumably one who is sexually marginalized, understands the dangers of homophobia, acknowledges the rationale for the closet, and possesses an intuition that renders a pass transparent.” This definition can also be used in regards to transphobia. Clairvoyants would be the individuals or audience who dedect

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