Argumentative Essay On Early Learning

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When issues are presented in the newspapers or in world news, the topics commonly include: wars, presidential debates, world crimes and happenings, and the latest football stats. Rarely do we ever hear on the news how our children in the United States are lagging behind several countries in the amount of knowledge they possess by the age of five or by the time they reach kindergarten. Unfortunately, just because we do not hear about it on the news or see it blasted in newspapers does not mean that it is not happening. Scholars are continually conducting research on early learning and their findings are split between two approaches: one approach being that early learning consists of far more than children learning educational aspects, but also lifelong lessons prior to attending grade school. The other approach being that a child or children can actually have long term and short term affects, if they do not receive learning prior to grade school, …show more content…
Sure children learning their alphabet and numbers are very important, but what about the non-educational components children receive prior to grade school such as behavioral learning, what behaviors to possess and what places are appropriate to possess them at, respect for themselves as well as for others and how to adapt to and within their environment. Linda Miller, along with various other scholars argue against the theoretical perspective that early learning does not effectively start for a child until they reach the age of five. Most children possess these non-educational components before they reach grade school because of the knowledge they have received within the community and environment in which they are

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