Argumentative Essay On E-Cigarettes

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Andy Nguyen
Ms. Cooney
CP English 10
24 October 2017
Johnny’s mom smokes tobacco cigarettes every single day for 5 years. His doctor has been telling him to stop smoking and move to e-cigarettes. One day after smoking a tobacco cigarette, he went to the doctors because he wasn’t feeling so good. After calling and going to the doctors he passed away from having lung cancer. From this traumatic event, Johnny decided that he will never smoking tobacco cigarettes so that he could have a longer and healthier life than her mother. After this awful event, people should start using e-cigarettes and not have a mother that passed away. E-cigarettes is a device used to simulate the experience of smoking, having a cartridge with a heater
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According to Sullum, “A new study, based on data from a large survey of current and former smokers in the United States, provides some of the strongest evidence yet that electronic cigarettes are helping Americans move from the former group to the latter” (Sullum). This evidence explains a lot of people went from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes. The people in the United States wants to have a clean environment. Not only does e-cigarettes make a clean environment,but it also has population deficiencies. In the article Sullum states, “The researchers, led by University of California at San Diego public health professor Shu-Hong Zhu, found that 45.9 percent of smokers reported quit attempts in the 2014-15 Current Population Survey, up from 41.4 percent in 2010-11. The percentage who stopped smoking for at least three months also rose, from 4.5 percent to 5.6 percent. "This is the first time in almost a quarter of a century that the smoking cessation rate in the US has increased at the population level," Zhu and his colleagues write. "The 1.1 percentage point increase in cessation rate might appear small, but it represents approximately 350 000 additional US smokers who quit in 2014-15" (Sullum). This proves that people wanted to leave the United States because of the dirty environment. The downfall of the population lead to people using e-cigarettes to help the environment. E-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes can be in the same

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