Argumentative Essay On Dropping Out

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“In 2008, when President Barack Obama first took office, more than 1 million students didn 't finish high school. In 2012, just under 750,000 failed to graduate, representing a
27 percent reduction… ”These common-sense policy changes had a near immediate effect,” the groups wrote… What 's more, from 2008 to 2012, the latest year which comparable data is available, the national high school graduation rate rose from 74.7 percent to 80.9 percent, and there 's new data to suggest that trend will occur again”
It would not be enjoyable living in poverty or at least close to it. Dropping out can cause many problems physically and emotionally down the road. It could make life more complicated in multiple ways. Teens can make many decisions
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For example, Donald Murray was the youngest person to win a Pulitzer prize after dropping out. Murray is a two time dropout that has spent most of his days working at home providing for his family and paying an enormous amount of bills which could have put him under an outrageous amount of stress. Murray always enjoyed writing. The first time Murray dropped out he had lied so he could work at RECORD AMERICA, which is a newspaper (Smith). He continuously failed courses, even while he took extra tutoring and attended summer school to compensate. Murray wants young people to look at a teacher as a role model if their parents are not what they want to be. Murray was a very motivated writer. He spent most of his days in a small room writing. He felt inspired to write day after day in cramped wooden room. “He sat in the rear of the classroom remedying one problem but generating another because of his severe myopia… Twice Murray returned to school, only to fail again. As a senior he needed 60 Carnegie Units to graduate. Because he received an A in Art, a subject in which he excelled, he made the grade, but his principal--whether out of spite, retaliation, or anger, Murray never knew-- lowered his grade to an F, which kept him from attaining the magic 60” (Smith). Murray tried attending school multiple times, yet failing each time he tried. Murray suffered from severe myopia which is nearsightedness.Murray wanted to pass his classes but he was so caught up in all of his responsibilities at home to the point where he could not keep up with his schoolwork. At home, Murray had bills to pay and he worked many jobs at once to provide for his family and his sickly grandmother. Donald Murray had many struggles throughout high school, but has managed to use the thing he was good at most to become a young very successful person. Although it is possible to become

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