Argumentative Essay: What Is A Bra Necessary?

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If any woman states that she enjoys wearing a bra, she is a liar. There are endless choices when it comes to selecting a bra. Some of these options include push up bras, t-shirt bras, sports bras, strapless bras, bralettes, and so on. As a seventeen-year-old who has tried them all, I have come to the conclusion that I hate bras. Yes, they may provide support for the “girls” but I believe they cause more grief than they are worth. Through the years, a bra’s tight straps and bands can cause severe back and shoulder pain. Due to all breasts being different, a comfortable bra can be difficult to find. Bras are truly unnecessary, but society has convinced us that they are needed to cover female nipples, increase sexual appeal, and define a good …show more content…
Meaning, women have difficulty breathing, along with developing rashes and indentations that the straps bury in their shoulders. My mother wears a size “H” bra and has complained of shoulder and back pain ever since I was young. The societal pressure of having perky boobs long after the peak of puberty and bearing of children is just as painful as it is unrealistic. Next is the underwire. Imagine a person having to wear a harness that constricts his or her ability to breathe and circulate blood fully. Now, picture this same contraption eventually breaking apart and stabbing a sharp wire into his or her precious flesh. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the wonder of a “supportive” bra. These also happen to cost a fortune. Is it too much to ask of the hardworking women to want to be comfortable throughout their daily lives? According to society, yes. The strapless bra is next to be placed on trial. Meant to be an easy way to wear strapless clothing, this bra has an adhesive strap that supposedly stays in place throughout the day. However, bras are diabolical devices and never intend to actually be helpful. Throughout a normal day, people tend to sweat, move, and breathe. Strapless bras do not accommodate any of these demanding tasks, therefore forcing the woman to tug the bra back into its rightful position all day. As you can see, no matter which bra style a person chooses, comfort is not an

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