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It is not difficult to see why one barbie doll is sold every three seconds. Her perfect hair, stunning body and natural good looks, who wouldn’t want to play with her? Barbie first came out in 1959 and over the course of her fifty - six years, she has impacted the lives of children in many positive but also negative ways. There has been many discussions on Barbies perfected look and whether or not this brainwashes the youth of today.

When Barbie came out in 1959 it was shocking to see such an adult figure on a children 's doll. Dolls in 1959 looked like cherubic babies and Barbie was the first of her kind. In 1965 a new “Slumber Party Barbie” was released. It came complete with a bathroom scale permanently set at 110 pounds and a book entitled
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She was designed for girls to easily dress and undress.”. If Barbie was designed for “easily” dressing then why does she have such large breasts for a seventeen year old girl? Again, Mattel have lied about body images to women all over the world. Girls aged three to eleven own on average ten Barbie dolls. This statistic shows who Mattels most popular customers are, so why is Barbie designed with such sexy woman figures? In fact you cannot even call it a figure, it is brainwashing the definition of beautiful to younger children. As this quote is to do with a woman 's body it is appropriate to mention that 150,000 women die in the United States each year as a result of anorexia. This statistic shows that anorexia is a problem in today 's society, so why are Mattel still producing these dolls that clearly make a negative impact on a person 's body image? Is it because they only care about the pounds coming out of the customers pocket and not the pounds coming off the scales? Whatever it is that has been driving Mattel for fifty six years to do this, it needs to stop. It is time to put an end to this ridiculous definition of …show more content…
Just by the fact that 10.5 million dolls are sold every year clearly shows she is doing something right. Barbie had everything that any girl wanted, so who wouldn’t idolise her? It allows children to make their own decisions for a change, like what she will wear and how her hair will look. It also keeps children occupied, which has a positive effect on the parents too! At the end of the day Barbie is just another toy that has been popular for generation after generation and doesn’t look like it will change any time

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