Argumentative Essay On Alcohol Addiction

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An addict or alcoholic does not start out in life wanting to be an addict. When they are little kids, they do not say "I want to be an addict when I grow up." Addiction does not discriminate against people rich, poor, good family, or bad family. It is a slow progress that most do not realize is happening, and it involves, fun in the beginning, experimenting, and eventually total lost. Sometimes the addict does not understand the damage they are causing until after they get sober. In the beginning, the person may start drinking alcohol out of the family member’s leftover drinks. Everyone finds this harmless and funny. When I was four, I would drink King Cobra twenty-four ounces beer. My dad and his friends would pay me a dollar to drink the …show more content…
Some stay with alcohol; some start to experiment with drugs. I began to research the effects of smoking pot and drinking by mixing them together. I would obsess over getting my next high. I spent time with people that I would have never if I were sober. My thoughts were who I could be friends with so that I could get more. I dated a disgusting guy named Gary that sold drugs because I knew he had drugs. I spent time with girls that I hated so I could get more. It starts to become work to get high. Some stop at this stage others keep going. However, I kept …show more content…
For some of us, it is prison, fear of losing everything or just being sick and tired of being sick and tired. That moment of clarity is different for all addicts. The sad truth is, some die instead of getting sober.
My moment of clarity helped me to see I had a choice. I did that last shot of methamphetamine, and my life flashed before my eyes. I knew I was done using at that moment. I went into residential treatment for fourteen months and got the help I needed. I also attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings weekly. In Alcoholics Anonymous, I work the twelve steps with my sponsor. Step one admitting I was powerless was very hard for me to do. I was not taught to surrender. The idea is to find a higher power and to turn my life and will over to it. I thought all those years I was in control. That was a lie. I know that I can never use again. If I do, I will throw my whole life away. My life is very different today. I have been sober over six years. I am happily married women. I work and attend school. I have a relationship with God, which I would not change for

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