Ageism In Today's Society

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Although many people find it human nature to speak according to one's age, ageism is a method of discriminating people in a way that seems normal. More of a silent discriminating factor, ageism separates people from society. Ageism is the stereotyping and discrimination against individuals based on their age. This controversial bigotry may not seem as a way of discriminating others; however, the consequences of this particular idea are more than one may expect. The ideology of ageism is still being debated whether if this form of bigotry is positive or negative. This controversial ideology not only separates people from society, but it demonstrates a form of discriminations that may seem normal in today's society.
An example of ageism in today's world is certain age limits. For instance, an individual cannot drink alcohol in the United States until they reach the age of 21. In this case, ageism is appropriate due to the fact that a majority of people are immature until they reach this age. This law, if put into the hands of minors, could essentially be damaging and harmful to the entire nation. The usage of ageism, in this concept, is an effective way to make sure that people are mature before they receive the
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Ageism is a strong topic in today's society as people may feel negated by the principle of this topic. Ageism can cause division among society due to the fact that, ultimately, this is discrimination according to one's age. Many people feel they are capable of more than what their age tells, therefore, ageism is a controversial bigotry that is still being debated today. Ageism is more of a silent bigotry in the world due to the fact that people use it nonchalantly in society. Most people may not believe they are discriminating a group of people by setting age limits or restrictions, however, that is the case with

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