Hebrew Bible: Chapter Analysis

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History 115 Spring Exam 2018
The selected quote, which is from the book of Genesis (3:17) in the Hebrew Bible, speaks to the decisions made by Adam and Eve which had a negative impact on the rest of humanity who would exist after them. Due to the fact that this source, the old testament of the Hebrew Bible, is one which holds great power and authority, the words within this quote as well as the entire document itself, had and remain to have an impact on the lives of millions in the past, present, and future. Within the quote itself, God is making a direct reference to the forces of good and evil and the ways in which they will impact society as a whole over the course of time.
This document gives background to a legend which is believed to
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Although the serpent was attempting to convince Eve of the safety and security in eating the apple, it did not physically force her to take a bite. She allowed these thoughts to enter her mind and to sway her to actively choose to bite into it, despite the warnings she was given beforehand. The apple itself is essentially a representation of the concept of being tempted and more so, the downfall of humankind. It symbolizes the ways in which we, as humans, are provoked to explore the idea of certain decisions which we …show more content…
Although the story of Adam and Eve does prove to have significance and relevance in the sense that the morals of the story are useful, those who read this during modern day times may argue the fact that the story itself is completely unrealistic. The concept of Adam being created by God and placed on Earth and Eve then being created from Adam’s rib contradicts matters of science and calls our existence into question. Others may refute that it would be impossible for anyone to document such stories from centuries prior, or to record these goings on without physically being present to watch them take place. Moreover, there are several arguments that dispute that the story is sexist to a certain degree due to the fact that Adam was created first and that Eve was a secondary thought, then created from Adam’s rib solely for the purpose of serving as a companion for

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