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Argumentative Essay: Arranged Marriage: Do Parents Really Know What's Best?

Seeking your personal partner in life is a privilege that is born of free will and choice. It is of our personal freedom to choose who we will be with for the rest of our lives. What about the thought of your parents picking for your spouse to be? This thought might be absurd and repulsive for some but for others, even if it is against their will, they have to fulfill it because it is a requirement. We know that marrying the one you really love is yet the best things life can offer. But if arranged marriage comes in your way, who would not think twice about the whole situation? To define arranged marriage properly, it is a marital union wherein the bride
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In poor communities or countries, a mouth to feed is a big burden. Parents allow their children to early marriage because not only their child can benefit from the early marriage but also them. They take advantage of the situation because a daughter is valuable in the market of marriage because the groom to be pays her parents cash and property to marry the daughter. In short, parents can benefit from the dowry given (Jones, 1997). Tradition plays a huge impact in culture. This is also another reason why there is arranged marriage. Certain cultures continue this practice in order for them to honor their generation’s ancestors and not only that; it has been part of their custom that has been passed from generation to generation. Breaking the tradition could mean disrespect for them and they believe that it could cause them bad luck (Engel, 1984).

Lastly, religion can be a driving cause regarding this matter. Religion is viewed to be a very sensitive component in one’s self. For others, especially for those dominant religious organizations, they consider marriage within their faith. Some are required to marry within their caste or even higher. One example of such case is the religion of Islam. This religion forbids the marriage of Muslim girls to non Muslim men. The punishment for this is death (Qur’an 5:73 &9:30, Oxford World’s Classic
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One’s personal freedom and human rights are neglected due to the fact that the parents are the ones accountable for choosing their children’s partner and it is a marriage against their will. Let us admit that learning to love someone is not that easy. Parents become the decision makers instead it should be the other way around. Deprivation of happiness can happen and it can lead to emotional frustration that can last for years. Eventually it will lead to unhappy marriage. If we marry someone we don’t love, chances are we will be longing for the contentment we could only find with the one we love. The chances to infidelity are great leading the relationship to high risk because trust and loyalty are the core fundamentals of commitment. Most likely, the couples will separate for the reason that they have never been for each other in the first place. To sum it all up, several factors contribute to the emergence of arranged marriage. Others do it out of culture or tradition, religion, and wealth preservation purposes. This issue is surely inevitable and will be encountered by some in the future. For others, their involvement to the issue is understood because they do it for their belief but for the others, they do it against their will in respect to their

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