Argumentative Essay: Marijuana, America's Favorite Drug

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Michael Gugliotta
English 2 Honors
Mrs. Salvatorelli
Marijuana, America’s Favorite Drug Many people throughout the world use drugs for numerous reasons. Drugs have been used primarily for medical uses and for recreational use. Most drugs that are not prescribed by a physician are illegal due to the effects they have on people who do them. Recreational drugs are in high demand, leading to a rise in drug dealing. Many people are arrested for buying and selling these drugs. One of the most common drugs sold and used illegally is marijuana. Marijuana is illegally planted, distributed, and used by many people throughout
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Throughout the United States, “billions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted on this failed policy. Following the end of Prohibition, our economy went from wasting money and ruining lives from prosecutions, and creating organized crime, to now billions of dollars in revenue for businesses and our government” (Groce). Marijuana can be sold in a similar fashion to cigarettes having a set price for the amount sold and a tax charged with every purchase made. It will produce a max revenue for the country if taxed, and “Legalization would take profits away from the drug cartels the way the 21st Amendment took profits away from the gangsters created by the 18th Amendment. An added benefit would be the taxes that could be collected” (Daily Record). The money made from marijuana sales can be used for multiple things such as improving cities and refining the economy. An increase in the economy will lead to a happier America. There will be a larger amount of income coming into the country and in citizen’s pockets. Likewise, marijuana’s legalization will lead to an increased development of jobs in the future.
Legalizing marijuana would provide more businesses and jobs to people across the country. Presently in the United States, many people are out of work and are relying on unemployment. People are struggling to provide for themselves and their families. Legalizing marijuana can provide an opportunity for employment
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Marijuana’s influence in the medical world will be great. In some states, marijuana is already permitted for the sole purpose of medical use. Many “cancer and AIDS patients are using it for pain relief and appetite stimulation. Marijuana is also being used to reduce seizures among epileptics. The growing list of potential uses touches on a range of issues, such as the importance of limiting psychoactive properties to increase medical benefits” (Robinson). Once legalized in every state, marijuana will be able to help many suffering people ease their pain. It can be used to control the symptoms of many diseases such as seizures. The drug marijuana can be either smoked or pulverized. For some people who do not like to smoke it, they can have it pureed in their food. The effects of medical marijuana are very similar to a pain

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