Cause And Effect Essay About Fear

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Fear can have many effects on people it can make people emotional, it can make them irrational, and it can make them primitive. Fear goes back to the dawn of time when man first showed fear of God, fear was also present during the salem witch trials where people felt fear over their neighboring being witches. Fear can also be a positive thing giving people in times of great need to overcome that fear and be a leader in that moment. Fear can be a great motivator or it can make you weak. In Niccolo Machiavelli's the Prince he says “It is better to be feared than to be loved” fear can make people powerful but it can also destroy entire populations like in the salem witch trials. Fear makes people emotional,irrational, and primitive.

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Fear brings out our primal instinct to fight and survive. The motive of fight or flight is seen in any case when a situation of Fear develops. Take for instance the a situation where a kid is being bullied, the kid will most likely feel some sort of fear well up inside of them and that can trigger their fight or flight. The salem witch trials during 1693 which caused people to be afraid and paranoid about their family being witches and devil worship, and they started to burn women and children at the stake. These people went back towards their most basic instinct of survival which is to kill in order to deal with the problem and cease the feeling of fear. That moment of fear and anxiety triggers the frontal lobe of your brain to react in its most primitive way since it is no fully developed. Fear can affect us by making us primitive like in the salem witch trials.

In conclusion fear can play with our mind, make us think or do things we would not normally do and because certain situation cause elevated fear we get very negative effects. Fear affects us in more ways than one it makes us emotional such as crying, weeping, upset, or angry all because of Fear. Fear can make us irrational, making us jump from one crazy idea to the next. Fear can make us primitive, forcing us to act out in a way we didn't even know we could, fear can have and effect on us in many

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