The American Dream Argument Essay

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According to, America’s 1776 Declaration of Independence stated that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights” (2014). For many seeking to gain freedom, overcome oppression, and achieve the American dream, this country has been a place of refuge. It is currently the year 2015, however, and it seems that many Americans have begun to question the American dream. Most question whether or not it still exists; however, possibly a more appropriate question would be who can achieve it. Does everyone have an identical opportunity at attaining the American dream like promised, or is the dream ever-elusive to some individuals based on their skin color? It appears that racism in America is …show more content…
It seems that most American citizens no longer believe that the American dream is attainable. The article shows that the majority of citizens who believe this are the lower class and minority groups. Rising above one’s circumstances and social class is extremely difficult in today’s society, especially if you belong to a minority group (unpublished work).The government has rules and stipulations set up that keep everyone “in their place”. “For instance, some believe they must have the financial resources to pay for their children to attend the best schools if they want them to be successful – a notion that seems to restrict the American Dream to the wealthy upper classes” (Gale, 2011). This is merely one example of how the government finds ways to divide America’s classes and social groups. “The country has reverted to an unfair class system full of oppression and discrimination” (Gale, 2011). This article concludes with stating that the American dream is becoming more elusive as the years pass by. It credits this to oppression towards certain groups and

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