King's Dream Remains An Elusive Goal Analysis

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There is one thing that unites all Americans, is the dream of living a better life: In the dream people work hard, are not judged by the color of their skin, live in a good neighborhood and can provide for their children so they can have a better future. The Pew data indicates that for some Americans, these dreams will not come true because of racial divide. In the article “King’s Dream Remains an Elusive Goal; Many Americans see Racial Disparities” the Pew Research Team shared data collected on the people’s attitudes about racial disparities. They also used census data to explain how race plays a role in whether people go to college or can earn a good wage. In the book Our America, LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman’s American Dream was to have a better life where children did not have …show more content…
Everyone else is at a bottom and has small chance of achieving their economic dream of a better life. LeAlan and Lloyd. through their interview and experiences, showed how difficult and dangerous life is in the ghetto. That not everyone has the same respect, resources and lives as people do in the suburbs. Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. said he wanted to see more opportunity for African Americans. He said their lives had not improved much since slavery was abolished a century earlier. The lives of living under the white people and their kids not getting the same education. The Pew Research center provided data that shows proof about why life for black Americans has not gotten better at the same pace it has for white Americans. In every survey that the team has conducted the white people always had more money, jobs and high school completions. The American Dream can only be achievable for all Americans; if the people paid more attention and improved the schools of the poorest children. Then there would not be such a big economic difference between black and white communities in this

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