Having A Teen Mom

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Getting pregnant can be one of the biggest blessings any women can have, but getting pregnant at the wrong time can also be one of the biggest obstacles a woman can overcome. My cousin Karina was rebellious teenager who learned to become responsible, work and take care of her daughter at the early age of seventeen. Thinking she had all the love and support from her boyfriends she was heartbroken and left alone forced to raise her daughter on her own. Karina became a teenage mom and with the financial support of her parents, she managed to raise her daughter and earn her high school diploma. Today almost third-teen years later, Karina says that having her daughter has been her biggest blessing. Through Karina’s experience I was able to relive …show more content…
When I asked what her daughter had taught her, she responded, “I learned to become a responsible mom and work hard for my daughter. She changed my life drastically, giving me a new one full of joy and new opportunities” (Garcia). Karina explains that the hardest part of having a daughter, was recovering her parents trust. Today Karina believes that having her daughter has been her biggest blessing, she says that without her, life would be completely different. Similar to Karina, Irisxrose shares, “Being a teen mom does not mean your life is over. It will be hard, there is no doubt about that - but your life is not ruined. It is only changed…I was a rebellion. I had issues. Once I had my son, my life got on track, and I will never regret having a child so young. He made my life complete, and I know exactly what I want to do with my life... You have to be dedicated and committed to doing the best you can.” Like Karina, Irisxrose had rebellious teenage years and also became a teengage mom. At a young age, they became moms and found new motives to change their lifes. Having a baby at a young age, taught them to be committed, responsable and

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