Argumentative Analysis: Does Your Age Really Matter?

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Does Your Age Really Matter? Many women say age is nothing but a number; meaning their age has no effect on their physical condition. However, this saying is not completely true because age has a significant effect on women trying to become pregnant or already pregnant. Many women dream of the day when they can bring a child into the world and experience the blessing of creating life inside them. This amazing phenomenon is one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life. Yet pregnancy is not always an easy experience because there is a “biological clock” ticking as to when a woman become easily pregnant and if she becomes pregnant, have a healthy baby. On one side of the argument it is believed that having children after 35 is good because most women are in a stable relationship/position and financially secure. The opposing side believes that women should try to start a family before thirty-five to …show more content…
Such “spontaneous abortion” may be caused by chromosomal problems/abnormalities making it difficult for the baby to grow and develop healthy. In addition to that, high blood pressure is also observed more commonly in pregnant women over the age of thirty-five. When a woman pregnant women has high blood pressure she is diagnosed with “Gestational Hypertension”. Medical expert Kathleen Simpson states that “Gestational hypertension is the onset of hypertension, generally after the 20th week of pregnancy, appearing as a maker of a pregnancy-specific vasospastic condition” (127). “Gestational Hypertension” is when the pressure from the blood against the artery walls is too high. This is dangerous because this can lead to other issues such as a stroke or heart failure. Having high blood pressure during pregnancy is a hazard to the mother and her health. Although high blood pressure is a common complication among older mothers doctors do not fully understand why this happens

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