Argument Against Vegetarianism

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Dieting and health are currently in the spotlight due to the rising weight problems society is experiencing today. The often overlooked alternative of vegetarianism is beginning to transform into a popular option- but is it the correct option? The controversial topic of vegetarianism is undergoing extensive research and studies, as more experiments are conducted. While reading my paper, I ask for an open mind as I investigate nutrition, health disease, and overall life for non vegetarians and vegetarians only, not including vegans. A commonly used argument against vegetarianism includes the lack of proper nutrition. However, after reading articles and results recorded from experiments, the astonishing truth is vegetarians receive the necessary amount of daily nutrient. On average, adults are recommended to intake forty-six to fifty-six grams of protein daily. Those numbers may appear difficult to reach, especially for someone that does not ingest meat. Despite the challenge, research from The Center of Disease Control and Prevention has proven that “with some planning, a vegetarian diet can easily meet the recommended protein needs”. The key for the proper intake of protein is methodically planning and managing the variety of food you consume. Although the common view of a vegetarian is a person lacking essential nutrients for the body, it is wrong. Absolutely, a vegetarian is required to meticulously organize food before hand and work harder to meet the necessary nutrient intake more so than a non …show more content…
Protein substitutions for red meat that can reduce your early mortality risk
Substitute a daily portion of red meat with a healthier protein source to reduce mortality risk by the indicated amount:
Red Meat Substitute Reduced Risk
Fish -7%
Legumes, low-fat dairy

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