Argument Synthesis : Cinderella, The Fairy Tale Story Essay

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Argument Synthesis
Cinderella “The Fairy Tale Story”. In the beginning of Maria Tatar’s “An Introduction to Fairy Tales” she writes about how books are sacred to children. She expresses “those books took us on voyages of discovery, leading us into secret new worlds that magnify childhood desires and anxieties and address the great existential mysteries”. This expression is the most accurate that we follow in our own life and the experiences that we pass to our children as well. Many books have also turned into movies, and you can still hear the expression of children saying, “That didn’t looked like the book I read”. I have heard this expression from my own children. How accurate are we in time, the question is Fairy Tales the end of a child’s learning in life. Fairy Tales provide the building blocks of many generations to come, and many families around the world because there are many kinds of fairy tales almost the same, but the culture is what really gives it a figure for others to see, create and empower imagination.
I like to tell stories to my own children about when I was growing up, how my grandparents would gather all their grandchildren in a bonfire and tell stories about war, ghosts, and hunger. My grandfather will stop at the grocery store before he arrived from work, and buy animal crackers so all his grandchildren would have a treat with a warm cup of hot chocolate. My grandfather was very kind, when you reached his good side. But when he saw you were not…

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