Argument For Atheism

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Faith is trusting and believing in something that doesn't have enough substantial evidence to be proven. Having complete faith in something without questioning some of it can be dangerous because authority figures that implement these beliefs can be misleading. There have many instances in the past where people blindly follow authority leaders and end up being manipulated into believing in things that can end up hurting people. This goes along with what the Questioner thinks, which is that people have faith because someone told them to or because they find comfort in it. The questioner also thinks that comfort can also be dangerous. We cannot expect others to be persuaded by personal faith because everyone will not agree on absolutely everything someone else's faith. For example, there are so many religions that branch off from the bible and that’s because everyone can interpret it differently. …show more content…
My argument for theism would be that the world was created with a purpose, even though we may not be aware of what it is exactly. Because we are different than animals in the way that we can think and have reasoning and other animals do not. People won't be convinced by this argument because they will say that humans are just more evolved than other animals and that this has nothing to do with us be created in an image or by a supernatural being. They could also say that we just want to make sense of the purpose for our existence and are choosing to believe that there is a purpose. An argument for atheism could be that everything that can be proven scientifically is all there is in this world and that anything otherwise we have just created on our own or is our own imagination. People might not be convinced by this because they might say that there have been instances and so called miracles that science has not been able to come up with a scientific explanation for. Therefore, there must be something or someone with supernatural power who has an influence in this

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