Rhetorical Analysis Of Get Real Lower Drinking Age To 19 Cohan

Do you think the U.S. drinking age should be lowered? Would lowering the drinking age to 19 help young adults be less likely to abuse alcohol? In his essay, “Get real, lower drinking age to 19” William Cohan claims that the drinking age should be lowered because it will lower the amount of students who binge drink, there will be fewer accounts of rape, and less students will be violating the drinking law. I do not think that Cohan succeeds because he gets all his evidence from Duke University and not any other colleges in the U.S., he does not stay on topic, and he uses some words that make him seem unprofessional. Although Cohan uses important dates and statistics from Duke, I feel that overall his essay does not succeed.
Cohan presents himself greatly to his audience. His audience is broad, but he appeals more to people who agree that binge drinking is a serious problem and that lowering the drinking age would prevent this issue of reoccurring at colleges. His audience most likely
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He does appeal to his audience of young college students, but he does not appeal to a more broad audience of the government. Being a former student at Duke University does not give him the full authority to appeal to the government. Cohan does have a strong stance in his argument, but realistically the chances of the government lowering the drinking age is low. Lowering the drinking age might have its pros, but it might not be an overall good idea for the U.S. Cohan believes that many people turn away when they hear the problem of binge drinking. It is a real problem among many young people in college. Binge drinking can lead to harmful behaviors, such as rape. He believes that we need to take action to put a stop to this problem by lowering the drinking age to 19 and establishing a zero tolerance policy for drinking and

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