Areflective Commentry Essay

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The document Essence of Care (2010) published by the Department of Health addresses twelve fundamentals, which are important guide lines in providing holistic care for the patient admitted in this ward.. Food and drink is one such area, which is the focus of my service improvement initiative. The change I propose was to introduce different colour lids for the water jugs to indicate fresh water is being provided twice a day in the ward where I was under going my recent placement.

This ward caters “step down” patients who are initially admitted to cardiac care unite, thus involvement of multidisciplinary team and interprofessional working is essential.
The paper ‘Making a Difference’ Department of Health
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The first stage of Gibbs model of reflection requires a description of events. This incident happened while I was engaged in a drug round with my mentor during a late shift. I was required to pour some water for a patient from his water jug as the patient needed to take the medications right away. While pouring the water I noticed a thick collection of dusty sedimentation at the bottom of the jug, on careful examination I noticed the outside surface of the jug looked very dirty, containing splashes of food marks and it seemed to me as though the jug has not been washed for quite some time. I was curios about the freshness of the water and therefore I opened the lid of the jug, I instantly could smell a gust of stale and fowl order which I often got from my water bottle when I forget to empty and wash it until after two days. I was sure the water in the jug is not suitable for drinking and therefore rushed to the kitchen and fetched fresh water in a clean jug. I then immediately voiced my concern about this incident to my mentor as The Nurses and Midwifery Council code of conduct (2008) advocates “that we must raise our concern and work with others to protect and promote health and wellbeing of those in our care”.


The second stage of Gibbs (1988) model of reflection, which is a discussion about my thoughts and feelings. Firstly I was

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