A Series Of Quotations About Error And Discovery In Samuel Smiles

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Society constantly progresses at a rate unfathomable to even individuals 20 years ago. The catalyst for such progression? Discoveries. Moreover, discoveries which occur through calculated predictions, or most importantly unexpected results/mistakes or risks. Moreover, if it wasn't for mistakes and taking risks our society wouldn't have gotten to its current state; for mistakes can help people view past discoveries in a different angle or reveal flaws which we can improve upon.

Furthermore, mistakes help us improve, they can teach people what and what not to perform. Moreover, "A Series of Quotations about Error and Discovery" quotes, "Error is a hardy plant; it florisheth in every soil'-19th century English writer Martin Farquhar." Moreover,
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Through his failures, he evaluated on how not to construct a light bulb. Furthermore, the same article also states, "We learn wisdom from failure much more than from success we often discover what will do by finding out what will not do; and probably he who never made a mistake never made a discovery'- 19th century Scottish author, Samuel Smiles." Moreover, this quote kind of relates to my school life. Every day I learn how to proceed onwards by making mistakes and then asking myself, "What went wrong" so I would evaluate my mistake, ask the Teacher questions etc... until finally, I know what I did wrong and …show more content…
Moreover, mistakes shall become summed up as valuable learning tools. Without making mistakes we wouldn't improve we would stagger our development; for we wouldn't see what works and what doesn't and by doing that how will we flourish akin to a hardy plant.

Furthermore, there have been instances found in the pages of history when a mistake(s) has led to innovation and invention. For instance, take into account Percy Spencer’s mistake and how it would lead to the microwave. Moreover, the article “In praise of careful science” states, “Denker describes how magnetrons and radars were discovered. They were researched for years. The work was kept secret. The scientists worked to avoid mistakes. When they were announced, the public did not imagine the years that went into that work. Then, Percy Spencer accidentally discovered the magnetron’s property for heating food… It also took more than 20 years after the “melted chocolate moment” to bring a commercial microwave to the public.” Moreover, an ironic thing about the quote was that the source of it was against the value of mistakes in discoveries and invention. However, as you can the author

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