Dean Arnold Corll Essay

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The death of 28 innocent people, 13-20 year old teenage boys to be exact,-- all of them raped, tortured, and strangled to death-- were all conducted by the person: The Candyman. Oh the irony of a child’s favorite treat being the nickname of a serial killer; what an oxymoron. Dean Arnold Corll, The Candyman, was able to obtain these victims to commit these crimes by the aid of David Brooks and Wayne Henley. There were many factors that led to the cause of Corll’s fascination of killing teenagers, but the leading cause was his unhappy childhood.
He was born December 24, 1939, in Fort Wayne, Indiana; by his parents Arnold Edwin Corll and Mary Robinson. Both parents were overprotective and very strict. The couple married and divorced twice; all before Corll turned 16. Corll had a hard time socializing with the children at his school. When he was diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever at age 7, it made it even more difficult for him to have friends; causing him to be excluded from
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After graduating Vidor High school Corll in 1958, he relocated to work at the company. The company began to grow, which resulted in his mother hiring extra staff. Among the staff was a young man, who Corll began to acting inappropriately against. This is seen to be where his interest in younger guys began. His mother and stepfather divorced and she renamed the company, ‘Corll Candy Company”.
Corll was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1964. Still not finding interest in anything, he requested an early release, which was granted in 1965. During his service, he made a realization that he was homosexual. He returned home to resume his work at the company as Vice President. Corll acquired his nickname, The Candy Man, while giving out candy to the kids in his neighborhood. While doing this he met one of the two accomplices to his murders. David Brooks (twelve years old at the time) and Corll became

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