Essay about Are You Educated Or Not?

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Are you educated person? This question may seem simple, but where is that border to determine if the person is educated or not? In fact, education plays very important role in our society nowadays. From approximately five years old, people go to school to get a basic education, and then they go to college to be ready for the open job market. Knowledge from education plays a fundamental role to perform the future job. During last decade, people have try to make education more difficult thus raise its standards by giving more tests and quizzes to the student. Unfortunately, proper education is not only quizzes and tests but the ability to process information and extract the most valuable information from it. I strongly believe that we not supposed to make our education harder than it is right now due to a few main reasons.
The first reason why we not supposed to make education harder is because harder does not mean better. According to the article “Confusing Harder with Better” by Alfie Kohn, “If our students are memorizing more forgettable facts than ever before, if they are spending their hours being drilled on what will help them ace a standardized test, then we may indeed have raised the bar – and more’s the pity. In that case, school may be harder, but it sure as hell isn’t any better.” Like Kohn says that it does not make sense to memorize the information which students are going to forget after the test. I like one example which I heard from my ESL teacher. If the…

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