Are Women And Men Born Or Are They Made By Society 's Values And Expectations?

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Are women and men born or are they made by society’s values and expectations? The terms of sex and gender are often confused or interchanged mistakeably by people and most people think they are the same (Woolfolk and Margets, 2013, p. 4). Sex refers to the biological form of male and female to which you were born with the accompanying internal and external attributes but gender is to reference ‘male’ or ‘masculine’ and ‘female’ or ‘feminine’ qualities as defined by cultural, psychological, social values, attitudes and sexual identity (Bessant and Watts, 2007, p. 212).

Perhaps the question can be answered from a nature –vs- nurture viewpoint. Research by Dr John Money (Bader, 2014) suggested that children are born gender neutral regardless of their biological sex and can be moulded to be either sex until roughly the age of two. Opposition to this is voiced by Dr Milton Diamond who theorised that biological sex is determined during conception and subsequent development and no amount of nurturing can override the body’s biological knowledge of what sex that person is and will be (FTM Australia, 2010). These studies reinforce that a person’s gender and the attribute they display is a result of society and upbringing not the biological sex they were born as.

Biological determinists believe that gender and sex are shaped by biology and do not differ regardless of societal interactions and preconceived ideas about gender, and the roles that person should play in…

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