Essay about Are We Fed Or Fed Up?

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Are we Fed or Fed Up?
Fed Up (Soechtig, 2014), examines the growing link between sugar consumption and the obesity epidemic. The film aggressively attacks the food industry, advertising, and the government who, it claims, all contribute to the U.S. sugar-dependent, obesity problem. The film sets out to prove the government, and food industry is knowingly causing an increase in the amount of obese children. The main ideas this movie puts great effort into instilling in the viewers’ minds are, the children are at great risk, big corporation is intentionally endangering them, and the government is doing nothing to protect them. It aims its most critical comments at government advisory entities who make and enforce food and health policy, and their failure to properly regulate the food industry. They claim lobbyists for the sugar board have been instrumental in the removal of negative statistics from research papers worldwide. Instead of addressing the problem with the truth, that sugar is the cause, society is instead told the reason for obesity is lack of exercise and self-control.
They cover the 1976-1977 McGovern Committee of the U.S. Senate who initially advocated a “low fat” diet, a position affirmed by a few more advisory committees on diet and health during the 1980s and 1990s. According to the film, consumers entered this epic journey adopting low fat diets and actually gained weight, because we replaced the missing fat by increasing the consumption of sugar-dense…

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