Essay on Are We Commit Suicide?

1120 Words Mar 25th, 2016 5 Pages
Strive to Survive Everyday on the news you hear about people committing suicide. In 2014, 42,773 suicides were committed in the United States. Humans that commit suicide don’t think about what they’re doing, they just continue doing it. Most humans commit suicide because of depression. Humans can survive through depression, all they need is somebody to communicate with. Since humans will always strive to survive, no matter what the circumstances are; then why are humans committing suicide? Humans are committing suicide because they are going through a lot of stress and other things like pain, loneliness, rejection, abuse, deep sadness, guilt, depression, helplessness, fear etc. They think they can’t handle it anymore, so they just end their life. Humans think people can’t survive no matter what the circumstance is. Firstly, people think that humans will always strive to survive but, they never ask why humans commit suicide. The only way humans can always strive to survive no matter what the circumstance, is unless they ask for help but they don’t do that. In 2014, most of the humans out of 42,773 committed suicide because of depression. Depression is the most accurate reason why humans commit suicide. Humans are dying because they don’t get any help. Humans think they don’t need help but they really do need help. Humans don’t always succeed in life. Most of the humans that don’t succeed make poor choices in life. Kevin Geary states, “...the majority that fail…

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