Essay on Are Vaccines Cause Depression?

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Vaccines Cause Depression

There is a popular misconception within the world of the internet regarding potential effects vaccination could have on mental health. These include, but are not limited to, claims such as it causes autism, weaker immune systems, and risky exposure to diseases. It is, however, important to realize that they all derived from misunderstanding of current data or based on outdated research. There exist many components to vaccines that have been blown-up out of proportion, resulting in misplaced judgement on their effectiveness. One belief being that vaccinations can cause depression among recipients. One article poses the question, “Depression an Infectious Disease?” It then goes on to explain that depression is merely our bodies going into “sickness mode” after inflammation caused by vaccines. It brings in the research by TIME and Vice as the main contributors and fails to include any studies or references to support their claims. contains an article connecting various dots between medication and mental disabilities. It’s introductory statement being that vaccines have already been linked to various illnesses, including autism, and that depression is yet another issue to add to the “laundry list”. Within the article, a question is asked; “If ADHD drugs can cause depression, why can’t vaccines?” A grossly distorted premise and bewildering connection at best, this statement has its basis on the presumption that vaccines contain a…

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