Vaccine And Autism Controversy By Alycia Halladay

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Vaccine and Autism Controversy Many people are still skeptical about getting their children vaccinated because of the fear that it may cause autism. The question to whether vaccines causes autism is still a controversial subject among many citizens today especially parents. The theory that vaccines cause autism were based on unproven facts and falsified information. Some citizens argues that vaccines are not safe and could potentially cause autism. Even though there is no scientific evidence to support that theory many people still believe it to be true because autism symptoms become apparent around the same time that children were getting their routine vaccinations. Many people believe that vaccines are completely safe and does not cause …show more content…
Scientists believe that many people may have perceptivity to autism and that it may have been triggered through something that happened in their environment. In the article 5 Things that Might Really Cause Autism, Alycia Halladay states, “people are going to manifest the disorder in different ways, and that could be because there are different sets of genes, or different sets of environmental factors, that contributes to how the disorder presents itself”(Rettner). Even though this fact and has not been proven many people still wonder if autism is caused by genetics or through the environment. In another article titled Autism’s Fight for Facts the author describes how a researcher by the name of Alison Singer refute links between autism and vaccines and strongly believes that is autism is caused by generics (Wadman 28). The author states that Singer believes that autism is caused by genetics because she has an older brother and a daughter that both has autism (Wadman 28). Even though there is no scientific evidence that autism is caused by genetics the fact that Singer has a brother and daughter that both has autism leads one to believe that generics may be leading factor in the cause of …show more content…
Many citizens do not know that autism does not show any symptoms until ages 1 and 2. Some parents just assumed that vaccines cause autism because it tends to occure around the same time that children are getting routine vaccinations. In an article titled The vaccination/ Autism Debate the author revels how misconstrued information about vaccine and autism decrease the usage of vaccinations and as a result it could cause an outbreak of a more serious problem such as an eruption of measles or other infectious diseases (White 270). In this article the author also explains how she intend on educating the public about the safety and the importance of getting vaccinated through the help of social workers (White 271). I believe if people knew more about vaccination and autism then there would not be so much controversy surrounding the

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