Are Two Moms Are Better Than One? Essay

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Two Moms Are Better Than One To outsiders looking in, my childhood portrayed itself to be relatively normal. I too viewed my childhood as being the same as most children my age. I did fairly well in school, had many friends, participated in family fun days, engaged in family discussion at the dinner table, among many other normal family traditions. It was not until I was nine years old and at a school function that I discovered that my idea of a “normal” family, and other people’s ideas of a “normal” family differed. My class had a family day where parents were invited to participate in lunch. I sat proudly with my parents in the cafeteria, waiting to be served our meal. The compound smell of thousands of slices of pizza served over the years sat in my nose, when a friend asked me who was sitting next to my mother. I promptly stated that she was Kim, my other mother. The following day at school, the word had gotten out that I had two mothers, which opened up an array of questions from fellow students. The questions ranged anywhere from “If your mother is in a same-sex relationship, then how did she have children?” to “Do you have a father?” But out of the many questions that I was asked, there was one that angered me the most: “Why don’t you have normal parents?” After being asked that question, I too had a question. Why are same-sex parents considered abnormal? My mother grew up in a “typical” family that consisted of a mother, a father, a brother, and a sister. As the…

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