Are Today 's Unions Indispensable? Essay example

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Are today’s unions indispensable? Unions provide a variety of assistance to its participants through collective bargaining on topics from increasing wages to negotiating vacation days. Despite the benefits a union provides today only about 40% of public sectors have unions while a mere 10% of private sectors do. (Steiner, Samuelson, Patterson, Desjardins, Ball, Lawrence 2011. Pg. 309). As many states adopting the “at-will employment” policy many unions have seen their power reduced to almost nothing, and in some areas disbanded altogether. If you work in the state of Tennessee for example, and your employer decides to let you go, the job is then terminated without repercussion to the employer. The burden of proving discrimination is on the employee if he wants to get his job back, if there was no blatant act of discrimination then the effort will be futile. Likewise, working for a company where you belong to a union, the employer can’t terminate without showing a justifiable reason for a termination. Major sporting events show another positive example where collective bargaining was able to increase the average players’ salaries in many cases tripled. Yet the fans of these games are dealing with the aftermath of high salaries through spiked ticket prices, limiting many of those who are able to attend the events. Collective bargaining has also negatively impacted poor performing teams with the salary cap. They do not have the means to pay for top performing athletes thus…

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