Are These Activity Miles Analysis

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“Are These Actual Miles?”
“Are These Actual Miles?” is a story by Raymond Carver off his short-story compilation titled Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?. The short story divulges the negative effects of economic tribulations on a family. The effects are made worse as this is a well-to-do family that could initially afford any luxury. The bankruptcy situation, as is revealed in the story, is threatening to destroy the family further and signs of these have already began as Leo and Toni turn to alcohol and extra marital fairs to cope. Leo and Toni’s children who are unaware of the financial ongoings are caught between the chaos as they spend less time with their parents and more with their paternal and maternal grandmothers. The story highlights
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Leo is the one making dinner and cleaning up (roles traditionally attributed to women) and Toni is spending the night out coming home late into the night. Although it could be innocent by all intent, but giving Toni the task of selling the car shows that Leo is relieving himself of duties that are traditionally his. Much as Leo dictates the price that Toni should sell the car and finally tells her to sell it at $900, Toni ignores this and sells it at $625. This shows that Toni no longer respects her husband and does what she …show more content…
He thinks he is better off dead than alive to deal with the situation. If this were to happen, it would render his children fatherless and Toni a widow. He wants an easy way out and does not consider his wife or children misery afterwards.
Leo is experiencing mental anguish and all signs suggests that he is depressed. Apart from wanting to commit suicide, he is having nightmares of an old woman who stares at him as he ties his shoes laces. He is also having reminiscent thoughts of his father showing him the house of one of his neighbours who wad declared bankrupt twice. His only consolation is that they will still retain their clothes and furniture. One can argue that this is the case as his wife has neglected him during this financial crisis instead of providing him with the comfort and support that he needs.
The children are spending more time at their grandmothers’ home and less with their parents. Toni does not want them to find out what is going on in the family. This is affecting Toni very much and contributing to the strain between her relationship with her husband. The reason is that she cannot believe that her children might live the underprivileged life she once lived. She blames her husband for the bankruptcy and is trying to cope by avoiding him creating further tension between the

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